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Are you a travel agent looking for a platform that caters to all your needs? Well, Xeni is the one. In this ever-changing travel industry, growing and managing a travel business is challenging. However, evolving technology is helping to make it easier, and Xeni is a platform that will modernize your travel business and help you provide an even better traveler experience.

We provide our travel agents with all the user-friendly required tools and features that allow you to set up your personalized travel booking platform.

We understand the complexity of a travel booking platform, and we have come to change the game. With a wide array of features to help travel agents succeed in the travel industry, Xeni can help you manage and grow your travel business.

In this blog, we have covered all the aspects you need to know about Xeni as a travel agent.

Personalized Travel Booking Platform

Xeni is one of the top-grade platforms in the travel industry and provides agents with a wide range of services. We are a comprehensive travel booking platform that lets travel agents handle various aspects of their business efficiently. We believe in a user-friendly approach and provide our agents with a seamless experience. You can find all the options here, including booking hotels, flights, rental cars, transfers, cruises, activities, and more. You can provide your clients DIY booking options with the best wholesale rates in the industry.

Access to Wholesale Inventory

One of the most standout features of Xeni is its accessibility to the wholesale inventory. Travel agents can now easily access the vast range of travel products, from rental cars to flights to cruises, transfers, activities, hotels, and much more, all under one roof. You can offer competitive pricing to your clients with extensive inventory. It allows you to cater to your client’s diverse travel needs, providing them with a one-stop solution.

Get a Commission on Module

Who doesn’t like good commissions? We understand that very well and value your expertise as a travel agent. Xeni offers travel agents with commission-on-module. This feature lets you ensure that you earn transparent and fair commissions on each of your bookings. Xeni incentivizes its travel agents to build long-term client relationships and provide them with the industry’s best, excellent services.

Cost-effective and Discounted Travel Deals

Xeni’s partnership with the suppliers lets travel agents get access to discounted rates for various travel services. With standout features, we can help customers enjoy cost-effective travel options. They can get access to special deals and discounted rates. The competitive pricing lets agents attract their price-sensitive customers. The budget-friendly travel packages can easily meet your customers’ financial preferences without compromising service or quality.

Enable Automated Record-Keeping and Communications

We understand that managing travel bookings and communications with clients can sometimes be overwhelming and time-consuming. But do not worry, we have got you covered as Xeni can streamline the communication and record-keeping process relatively smoothly. It generates itineraries, receipts, and invoices, enabling you to save time and reduce errors. You can now easily keep track of client interactions, itineraries, and books while saving valuable time. And, we offer efficient communication tools that let you keep your clients informed throughout their journey.

Provide your Clients with DIY Booking Options

All clients have their specific needs. While some may prefer personalized services, others may enjoy the freedom of booking their trips online. We understand that, and we cater to the needs of both categories. Our DIY booking options let your customers enjoy the independence to browse their options. This flexibility lets you cater to the best customer service while also helping you widen your client base.

Explore More Options to Generate Revenue

Travel agents now do not need to think about their revenue generation as they can easily earn commissions with Xeni. We are one of the best in the industry, and our powerful tool lets you manage your business efficiently with high revenue generation. You can get access to wholesale rates with competitive commissions to increase your revenue.

Not only this, the diverse features of Xeni, like reselling travel packages and services, can also help you in revenue generation. Travel agents can create customized itineraries and travel packages and resell them to clients. This flexibility helps the agents increase their profitability while enjoying unique experiences like never before.

What makes Xeni Different?

Unlike those traditional payment structures for travel agents, Xeni offers a futuristic and transformational approach to help travel agents earn more. With Xeni, agents receive payment for each module of the travel itinerary their clients book. This also helps ensure fair compensation along with transparency. The approach aligns best with the interests of travel agents and their clients, as income is directly tied to the quality of service. Something that makes Xeni stand out from transparent and reliable payment methods is the DIY booking options for customers. They get to access the wholesale rates. Xeni also ensures that agents receive commissions directly through the platform. This unique approach fosters a strong alignment with the clients while helping them ensure financial security for travel agents.

We understand that building a travel business takes work, and choosing which platform to go could be overwhelming. That’s the reason we provide travel agents with the best plans in the industry. You can, in fact, get a demo of our services with a 7-day free trial and then sign up with the best plan you think will be beneficial for your brand. You always have the option to customize the plans.


Xeni is a revolutionary all-in-one platform with comprehensive solutions for travel agents looking to manage and expand their businesses in the digital age. With economic features like wholesale inventory, cost-effective travel options, automated record-keeping, and diverse revenue streams, Xeni empowers travel agents to thrive in the competitive market.

Whether you are involved in business travel, influencer trips, event travels, group travels, or corporate ones, Xeni has got you covered. Xeni is not just a platform but a plethora of transparent services that every travel agent wishes to have.

If you are a travel agent looking to take your business to the next level, consider integrating Xeni into your operations and unlock the potential for success in the travel industry.

So what are you waiting for? Book your FREE demo with Xeni today!

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