What are the problems faced by online travel agents?

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Any career path comes with its challenges and the key is learning how to navigate them in order to grow your business. When it comes to the challenges of being an online travel agent and the problems you may face, they vary from tech issues, staying up-to-date with new trends, and keeping your customers happy. All of these problems have solutions that will allow you to lead the best online travel agency.

Having a Credible Online Presence

As an online travel agent, the most important aspect of your business will rely on having a credible online presence. One may think it is simply about creating an easy-to-navigate website, but it is actually about building a trustworthy brand online.

There are user-friendly systems that will help set up your online presence without you having to worry about the technology. They will make it easy for you to launch your online travel agency, make it look good and credible, and keep up with any maintenance required.

Existing on Social Media

One of the problems online travel agents face is existing on social media. Customers are more likely to trust a travel agency that knows how to post on social media and interact with its followers. It builds credibility and makes clients feel safe and taken care of knowing there is someone listening on the other side of the screen.

The best way to take advantage of social media is by being as active as possible. You should use this as a tool to share your offers, deals, packages, and options with followers. Highlight trips and destinations, making customers realize why you are the best option.


The booking process is one of the key steps for a successful online travel agency. It has to be accessible, easy to read, and user-friendly. An indecipherable booking process could result in the loss of clients — the last thing you want.

That is why it is a good idea  to work with a brand that can help you set everything up. An all-in-one platform where customers can look at flights, hotels, car rentals, and activities is the best way to guarantee your customers will have an easy booking experience.

Customer Independence

Nowadays, customers like to do things on their own which may present a challenge for online travel agents. With different apps that allow them to book their dream trip from their phones, you need to step up your game to give them independence and still provide great customer service.

The best way to do this is to work with a platform that gives clients the option to DIY everything. Customers will be able to make the bookings themselves while seeing the markups you choose. It will also allow them to keep track of everything from their phones.

Operational Management

The operational management may be one of the biggest problems to face as an online travel agent. Organizing your team, keeping track of your inventory, and staying on top of customer satisfaction. At times, it must be hard to stay on top of everything and guaranteeing the operational side of business runs smoothly.

However, with today’s technology, you can operate your business using a system that will hold everything you need in one place. Access to inventory to markup the prices on your offers. A place for your sales agents to have access and you to manage them. The software also permits you to manage your travel website and client communications, and keep track of booking records.

Customer Security

For online travel agents to succeed, they must have a good customer base. Your entire business depends on clients buying from you which means you want them to come back as often as possible. Customer loyalty equals success. In order to guarantee this, you must offer customer security.

How can one do this? Be on top of your clients’ needs, know how to answer their questions and solve their issues, create offers or deals customized to what they are looking for. A happy client will mean less problems to face.


Your competitors will be one of the biggest challenges you deal with as an online travel agent. It is impossible to escape them, it is part of the market, and they will all have their own offers to attract their clientele. That is why it is usually recommended to select a niche and stick to it.

As an online travel agency, you can adapt to other types as well. You can function as a tour agency, offering deals on tours and activities for your customers. Or a luxury travel agency, selling high-end products and destinations. The end goal is to help you stand out from your competitors and make you memorable in the eyes of your travelers.

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