Transforming Travel with Xeni’s SSO Integration and Lifestyle Vacation Clubs

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In the digital age, where convenience and security are paramount, Xeni stands at the forefront of innovation in the travel industry. Our white-label travel booking portal, equipped with Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, provides a seamless and secure booking experience for users. A standout implementation of this technology can be seen through Xeni’s collaboration with Lifestyle Vacation Clubs, where we’ve elevated the vacation planning process to new heights.

The Challenge and Solution

Lifestyle Vacation Clubs faced a common challenge in the travel sector: how to offer a streamlined, hassle-free booking experience to their members while ensuring robust backend functionality for the agency itself. The answer lay in Xeni’s sophisticated travel booking portal and its SSO integration capabilities.

The Xeni platform allowed Lifestyle Vacation Clubs to integrate a customer-facing engine for its members and a powerful booking engine for its agency operations. This integration showcases Xeni’s commitment to advancing travel technology and enhancing user experiences across the board.

The Backbone of The Integration

Adam Walker of Lifestyle Vacation says, ”Our goal was clear from the start: to simplify the login process for our members, allowing them to navigate between Lifestyle Vacation Clubs and Xeni’s booking platform without the need for multiple logins.” The solution? A robust SSO integration built on the WordPress platform.

The Magic of Redirection

The crux of Lifestyle’s integration revolves around a custom page template designed specifically for SSO redirection. This template, embedded within the WordPress theme, activates once a user decides to book a vacation. It checks if the user is logged in, generates a JWT token, and redirects them to Xeni’s booking platform with their credentials securely transmitted in the background.

This seamless redirection not only simplifies the user experience but also fortifies security, ensuring that sensitive information is handled with the utmost care.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

Lifestyle’s integration process with Xeni didn’t stop at the technical implementation. To ensure a smooth user journey, they meticulously configured settings on both their WordPress site and the Xeni platform. This included aligning the JWT secret keys and setting up the correct DNS and navigation paths for the redirection.

Moreover, Xeni made it effortless for Lifestyle’s members to access Xeni’s platform directly from the Lifestyle site. With the newly created SSO login page, members can easily book their vacations through a simple click, automatically redirecting and logging them into Xeni’s portal.

The Impact of Integration

The integration has led to significant improvements for Lifestyle Vacation Clubs. On the member side, the SSO feature means no more multiple logins or navigating away from the club’s site to book vacations. Members now enjoy direct access to a vast array of travel services through a single, secure sign-on process.

For the club, the benefits are equally compelling. The backend powered by Xeni not only streamlines booking management but also offers robust data security, ensuring member information is protected throughout the booking process. This dual advantage underscores Xeni’s ability to cater to both front-end user needs and backend operational requirements.

A Future of Seamless Travel Booking

Success stories like that of Lifestyle Vacation Clubs are just the beginning. Xeni is poised to revolutionize the travel industry.

We invite you to discover the difference with Xeni. Sign up for a demo of our travel booking portal and SSO integration to see how we can transform your travel booking experience. Join the ranks of satisfied partners like Lifestyle Vacation Clubs and elevate your travel service offerings.

Embrace the future of travel with Xeni.

Sign Up for a Xeni Demo Today and start your journey towards a more integrated, efficient, and secure booking experience.

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