Transforming Travel into Revenue: Monetization Techniques for Event Organizers

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When event organizers focus on the organization of their event, conference, or gathering, they rarely focus on travel monetization. Their main goal is to guarantee that the event turns out perfectly and all attendees are happy with their experience. However, there are different monetization techniques that can increase the amount of money events planners are earning, while providing a terrific customer experience. 

How can events planners get started if they want to sell travel to their event attendees?  There are a few easy strategies you can implement to transform travel into revenue.

Create Event Travel Packages

Most people believe an event is just attending a specified venue at a given date and time, following certain requirements such as dress code. However, there is more that goes into event planning and that can benefit both attendees and organizers. This includes traveling to the destination, finding a place to stay, and acquiring a mode of transportation while there.

For event organizers to increase their revenue, a great idea would be to implement event travel packages. You can offer flights, hotels, and even car rentals in a special package that includes the ticket to the event as well. That way, you are giving attendees the possibility to purchase everything together and save money, while you are making a revenue out of it.

Create a Website Branded for your Event

Creating and offering event travel packages can be hard if you don’t have the right resources and tools. However, new technologies on the market can provide you with a seamless solution to selling travel online under your own brand or banner. You can instantly access software that can help you launch your own custom, self-branded booking engine for your event. .

With a platform like this, you can offer plane tickets, hotel booking, car rental, trip protection, and even activities at the destination for your attendees, and you can earn more money when they book their travel on your own site.. Offer Discounts and Special Rates

Traveling to an event and booking a hotel can be pretty expensive for most guests. They try to stay within a budget in order to guarantee they have the best time without breaking their piggy bank. This means that most attendees will be looking for special rates and discounts when choosing who to book their flight and hotel with.

If you offer an event travel package and utilize a platform to make it easier for them, you will be able to give them the discounted rates they are looking for. By working with a travel selling software platform, you will have access to wholesale rates on travel like hotels, car rentals and activities. You will be able to promote your discounted rates and monetize your guests’ bookings by earning a cut of every booking your attendees make.

Make Bookings Easier

Something that usually discourages people from attending an event or planning a trip is the booking process. It can be difficult, slow, and repetitive — which most people dislike. As an event organizer, you need to make sure you provide the best booking experience for all of your attendees.

The best way to do this is by working with an online portal that can be customized to fit your needs and the needs of your guests. This portal should be hassle-free and should give them access to their reservations through desktop or mobile devices to make any reservations.

Sponsorship and Brand Collaborations

Most event organizers know that having sponsors present at events is key in leading a successful event and guaranteeing guests leave satisfied. 

You can establish brand collaborations with products or services that will benefit your attendees’ stay throughout the event. If they know that there is something else waiting for them on the other side of the event, they will feel more encouraged to book their trip and make it to your special occasion.

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