Offer your attendees a seamless way to book travel and generate additional revenue

For events, attendees and sponsors

For events, attendees and sponsors

Use Xeni to monetize your event

Earn money on your attendees’ travel

A travel selling website
branded for your event

Sell hotels, car rentals, activities, and flights.

Offer special discounted
rates for your guests

Amaze your guests with wholesale rates for you and your guests.

Passive additional monetization

Xeni manages traveler support.
You get a cut of the bookings.

For Event Organizers

Xeni offers a centralized platform for hotel and flights block procurement, management and booking. We also offer activities, car rentals, and trip protection.

Simple Reservation Process

Experience a hassle-free booking process with our customizable online portal that can be accessed via mobile or desktop devices, catering to both attendees and sponsors.

Set up your Online Travel Agency in minutes

Launch your customized website and booking engine to scale up your business!

No-code solution

In just a few minutes you can launch your custom branded event website

Choose your custom domain and language

Xeni is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Already have an event website?

Add Xeni a link or iframe to your site and allow your attendees to book travel right away!

Calculate your potential earnings with Xeni!

Projected bookings
*Actual markups’ can be adjusted in the command center
Your Total Earnings = 
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