Sell travel online under your own brand

Xeni gives you the control that only big online travel sellers have today. No code required.

Launch your custom site in minutes

  • Go to and use our wizard to design your OTA
  • Choose your website domain
  • Upload your logo
  • Upload your backdrop image
Your customer can now sign up and log in to your own website and book travel
  • Choose your markups
  • Add your sales agents
  • Invite your clients
  • View your commissions earned
  • Track your platform bookings

I’m a travel seller

How will Xeni help me
make more money?

I’m a travel seller

How will Xeni help me
make more money?

How will Xeni help me make more money?

Great travel content available at net rates (cars, hotels, flights). Earn higher commissions right away

Full freedom over the commissions you charge (no debit memos, commission shares, clawbacks, limits)

Ability to sell travel online with a self-branded booking engine
An integrated and simplified payment solution
Implementation takes just a few minutes

I'm an Organization

Discounted travel to my users

I'm an Organization

Discounted travel to my users

Launch your employee travel discount program

Save up to 10% on travel expense for your organization

24/7 call center and customer care

Send your community members bookable itineraries for group trips

How can I sell travel online?

Simple monthly subscription. Launch within minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no set up fees on Xeni, just a low monthly subscription.

No, Xeni is for new and experienced travel sellers alike. We offer a 24/7 hour support service to help you!

As soon as the traveler’s trip is non-refundable, you are entitled to your commission.  Every 2 weeks, Xeni will direct deposit your commissions into your bank account.  Your online command center will tell you how much commission you are owed.

We require that you purchase your monthly subscription (even if you have a coupon code, stripe requires that you enter your card info) and sign our subscription agreement and terms of service.  We will also require your business EIN number for tax purposes.
No problem!  We can add the full Xeni functionality to your existing website with a widget.  Or, we can port your existing domain to your new site.